which one are you crazy or calm?

Are you Casey the freaky crazy one that makes people laugh or hailey the calm one that everyone likes? Find out by taking this quiz. Just get a peice of paper and record your answers. Good luck!

1. Your at the mall with some of your friends. One of your friends dares you to walk into a toy store and start hugging a random stuffed animal you:

A: take the challenge (hey it might make some people laugh)


B: back down, punch your friend in the arm and say "no way you do it"

2. you get to make a website! you:

A: put crazy pictures of you and funny little animals


B: put normal pictures of you and your friends

3.quick! pick a number




4.your told to tell your friend a secret but you don't have one so you:

A:whisper "I karate chopped your mom because the voices told me to"


B:whisper "hi" to them

5.you have to ask somebody a random question so you ask:

A:if you could punch anyone in the face who would it be?


B: whats your favorite color?


If your answers are mostly A's your more like Casey the crazy funny one that sometimes gets on poeples nerves or if your answers are mostly B's then your more like hailey the calm one that people like but sometimes think shy ( sometimes but rarely even boring)